DIY Undertile Heating Mats

The DIY Heat tile on mesh heating mats are specifically designed to allow you to cut between the heating wire and the mesh so that the tile heating mat can be installed around obstacles such as pillars and basins.  The undertile heating mat is ideal for quick and small installations such as bathrooms, kitchens and entrance halls.

The under tile heating mats can be installed directly on the subfloor or on to an insulation board for greater efficiency and covered with the tile adhesive and tiles.


Measure the area you want to heat, (exclude fixtures such as the bath in bathrooms for example) and from your measurements select the heating mat closes in size to the floor surace area you to heat. 
If the room measures 2mx3m=6m2 the ideal heating mat to use is DIYUTOM480 (see below). which will cover a floor surface of 3m2 and heat a room of 6m2.

Better control of your heating costs

To keep your heating system running smoothly and to ensure optimum energy efficiency a thermostat must be installed with all DIY Heat electric underfloor heating mats.

The 10 year DIY Heat Warranty

For total peace of mind all our products carry a warranty backed by the manufacturer.  This means that the manufacturer will repair or replace the product if it is defective in normal operating conditions. 10year

The 10 year Warranty

From date of purchase, the manufacturer provides a 10 year (120 month) warranty on all their Tile  heating mats for any fault arising from a manufacturing defect in the heating wire as well as a  3 year (36 month) warranty on all their thermostats for any fault arising from a manufacturing defect. 
The manufacturer will repair the damaged heating mat or replace it free of charge and replace any damaged floor coverings as a result of repairs undertaken.

  In the case of a faulty thermostat, the manufacturer  will repair the unit free of charge or replace it with a new unit should a manufacturing defect arise within the 3 year warranty period.

This 10 year warranty is valid provided that the following conditions are met:

    • You have documentary proof of date of purchase.
    • The tile heating mats are installed by in accordance with guidelines and instructions as published by the manufacturer
    • The installation complies with local, national wiring regulations as well as any other applicable statutory requirements.
    • The electrical circuit to which the cable is connected is electrically earthed and protected by a residual current device.
    • The cable is connected to an electrical supply of its rated voltage only.

The 10 year warranty does not cover:

  • Faults arising from incorrect installations.
  • Faults arising due to incorrect specification and/or application of the heating system.
  • Faults arising from damage to the cable from outside causes, such as other suppliers, third party contractors, including (but not limited to):
    • cracking of floors or sub-floors through expansion and contraction or any  other reason
    • drilling into the floor damaging the heating system
    • damage caused from accidental cutting or any other work on the premises.
    • electrical surges caused by lightning or any other cause.
  • The repair of faults that have not been inspected by and authorised by the manufacturer