Electric Heated Rugs

Luxurious warmth underfoot.

This space saving, portable heater is ideal for people on the go and uses less than 40c electricity per day. The lifestyle Innovations rug heater heats the surface of the rug by providing gentle radiant heat from the feet up. Available in two standard sizes, the rug heater is quickly and easily installed beneath new and existing rugs -  simply roll out, place the rug on top, plug the rug heater into electrical socket and switch on at the control switch. It can be completely unplugged and stored in summer time or when not in use. The non slip backing keeps the heater and the rug securely in place and ensures that the rugs will not slip or creep.   


Uses less than 40c electricity per day.
Gently warms the surface area of your rug.
Safe for crawling babies, children and pets.
Non-slip backing and sides secure rug in place and prevent it from sliding.
Fits discreetly beneath new or existing rugs, simply pug in and use.
Energy efficient, effective and economical.
2 year warranty.
Rug Heater.        
Rug Heater Model: Size: Price:
LIRH0300 1100mmx1500mm €60.00
Uses less than 40c electricity per day
Based on current electricity rates of 16c/Kwh
Model Power output Running cost per hour Averge hours used per day Running cost per day
1.1mx1.5m 300Watts 0.3kwx16c = 4.8c/hour 8 hours 4.8cx8hours = 38.4c/day
1.5mx2,0m 500Watts 0.5kwx16c= 8c 8 hours 8cx8hours = 64c/day
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The Lifestyle Innovations 2 Year Warranty

The Lifestyle Innovations Rug Heater is warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions of use for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  During this period, Lifestyle Innovations will repair or replace the product, if it is defective in normal operating conditions in terms of materials or workmanship, with a new product of equivalent quality at Lifestyle Innovation’s option.  The warranty does not cover costs of transportation, removal, installation or damage caused by misuse or accident.  In no event will Lifestyle Innovations be liable for consequential loss resulting from the installation of the product.  Any product should be sent with the original invoice to the original installer, or shipped prepaid, insured and sent to the following address:
Lifestyle Innovations
Moy Valley Resources
Co. Mayo, Ireland
If you have questions concerning the installation  or programming of this product, call our customer support on:
Phone: low call 1890 929252
Email: support@lifestyle-innov.com