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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions relate to the undercarpet and underlaminate heating systems.Click on the questions to see the answer.

1.What makes underlaminate heating better than other forms of heating?

  • DIY Heating systems are more energy efficient than many heating appliances.
  • A standard size room costs less than 16cents per hour to heat plus if you install a thermostat you will save up to 30% of your electricity costs.
  • DIY Heat underlaminate heating mats work on the principle of radiant heat which evenly distributes heat throughout the floor and up into the room. 
  • Radiant heat gently distributes heat from the whole floor surface, concentrating the heat in the lower half of the room.  
  • The warmth starts at your feet where it is most desired.
  • Therefore, unlike traditional heating systems you will enjoy even comfortable warmth with no cold spots in the room.
  • This type of heat does not aggravate allergies and actually improves indoor air quality because it is dust free.
  • There are no open flames or exposed heating elements.
  • Zero maintenance and no summer time storage problems.
  • No bulky heaters, loose wires. The heating mat becomes part of the floor giving you the freedom to arrange your furniture as you please.
  • This form of heating is also odourless and silent.

2.How much does it cost to run?

This depends on what you are currently paying for electricity.
Assuming 1kw=15cents.
eg: standard bedroom 5mx3m=15m2 uses a DIYULS1200 which is a 12m2 mat. The DIYULS1200 uses 1200W per hour. 

Therefore 1200W÷1000w = 1.2kw x 16c.= 19.2c per hour.

3.Are your carpet & laminate heating mats safe?

  • All DIY Heat carpet & laminate heating mats are manufactured in accordance with international safety standards to meet their required certifications.
  • DIY Heat carpet & laminate heating mats are made from the highest grade materials.
  • Innovative designs ensure consistent, reliable operation and a long working life.

All carpet & laminate heating mats leaving our assembly plant in Johannesburg South Africa have undergone a series of in process safety and quality checks to meet the highest quality and safety standards.DIY Heat carpet & laminate heating mats are waterproof.

4.Will the carpet & laminate heating mat warm the room?

Yes, for laminate heating our heaters will raise the floor temperature to a maximum of 27˚C. For carpet heating our heaters will raise the ambient room temperature by at least 10 to 12 degrees.

5.Why is a thermostat recommended?

It is vital that the floor temperature does not exceed 27˚C to prevent the laminate boards from drying out and pulling apart.
It is a cost saving because the heating mat will turn off once it has reached the desired temperature, thereby saving energy and money. 

6.Must I leave the system running all through winter, or is it cheaper to turn on and off as required?

It is a personal choice, you may turn the heaters on and off as you would like or you may choose to install a programmable thermostat which you can programme to suit your requirements. This method of control is the most economical and energy efficient.

7.Can it burn the laminate floor?

No, laminate heaters will not burn the floor and the aluminium foil spreads the heat evenly across the mat so that there is no build up of heat. As a result there will be no damage to the backing of the laminate.

8.Is the carpet & laminate heater waterproof?

Yes, our carpet & laminate heaters are completely waterproof and therefore safe in the event of accidental flooding. They can safely be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

9.Can I fit it under a bed?

Yes, the carpet & laminate heating can be fitted under a bed. We do not recommend installing our heaters under flat based furniture as this could cause a heat build up.  We recommend a 20mm gap between the floor and furniture.

10.Can it be fitted in a bathroom?

Yes, our carpet & laminate heaters are completely waterproof and are suitable for bathrooms as well as kitchens.

11.Can the heating units be used on top of parquet blocks?


12.Can it be fitted under my existing carpets?


13.Can I steam clean the carpet?

Yes, but be sure to let your carpets dry naturally. Using the heating mat to dry your carpets will cause discoloration of the carpet.

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