10year warrenty

5 year warrenty

Save up to 60% on your heating.


Low Running Costs  

Keeping warm does not have to cost the Earth! DIY Heat electric underfloor heating systems heat up faster than most water based central heating systems. You can also control your heating requirements room for room concentrating on the areas you use most. 
Many people assume that running an electric heating system will be costlier than other systems.  However that is not so and falling energy prices mean that electric heating systems are one of the cheapest methods of heating your home. 


For example:

*Calculation based on 16c/Kwh across 275 days @28 hours per week. Includes 30% savings achieved when heating system is controlled by a programmable thermostat.  Assumed an annual oil fill of €1065 (1500litres) plus €100 annual system check. 

Better Control of heating costs

With DIY Heat electric radiant underfloor heating systems each room is individually programmed with its own unique thermostat, simply put this means by adjusting the thermostat settings in each room you can decide when and where you need heat. 
For example, you may decide you need heat in the evening in the living and lounge areas, but don’t require it in the bedrooms until later.  Easy.  Just set the thermostat in each from for the time you want the heat and let DIY Heat do the rest.

morn and evening

No maintenance costs

installation All DIY Heat, electric radiant underfloor heaters are guaranteed for the lifetime of your floor.  With no radiators to bleed, fireplaces to clean or boilers to service, electric underfloor heating has no maintenance costs and will never let you down.
DIY Heat underfloor heating systems have no moving parts to wear out and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.  When maintenance costs of servicing gas heating systems or oil boilers are added to the equation, the annual running costs of a radiant floor heating system are well below the competition.

Quick heat-up times when and where you need it.

heats up quick A DIY Heat electric radiant underfloor heating mat, when installed on an insulated floor, reaches operating temperatures in just 20 minutes,  allowing you to heat only the rooms you need when you need them.This is much faster than the usual 4 hours required by traditional water based
  underfloor systems.In addition each room has its own individual thermostat allowing you freedom to choose precisely when and where you require heat.
Unlike gas or oil central heating systems that run in all the rooms of your house at once, whether you are using them or not, DIY Heat electric radiant floor heating systems can be set to heat individual rooms where and when you need it (a bathroom for an hour and a half in the morning for example).

Space saving and convenient

space saving

With DIY Heat electric radiant underfloor heating mats your system is now part of the floor, giving you the complete freedom to arrange the furniture as you choose. 

You can even remove your radiators as your DIY Heat electric underfloor heating mats provide you with all the heat you need, when and where you want it.  DIY Heat electric radiant underfloor heating mats are ultra safe with no loose wires to trip over or radiators to hide away.